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"Great, highly motivated and diligent team. I have been working with the confidence that the many things to do and follow up during operations of complex clinical trials would be in the hands of reliable people."

Clinical Operation Manager - Pharma company


“During several years of working together with the team at Research Drive on different projects, we have been enjoying the support of a very competent and reliable partner in the Netherlands, combined with a fast and always friendly communication line. We are looking forward to continue working with Research Drive on ongoing and future projects.”

Senior Clinical Project Manager - Pharma Company

"Working for a small biotech company, we do not have the internal resources to manage all aspects of our clinical trials.  In working with Research Drive, they have created a relationship where we all feel part of the same team and that Research Drive is looking out for our best interests with a team of experienced individuals." 

Senior Director Development Operations - Biotech Company

"I have known and worked with Jitske since 2009 and have found her to be very well organized and knowledgeable in her leadership of Research Drive. Her strong work ethic, engaging personality, and focus have contributed to the growth and success of her organization. For any company looking to assure a well-run clinical study, look no further than Jitske."


“The ResearchDrive team is focused, dedicated and very competent. With this team we managed to meet what seemed impossible timelines. We can wholeheartedly recommend Jitske Beukema and her team.” 

Senior Director Clinical Operations - Pharma Company