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Phase I and Phase II: Your independent watch for your first-in-human trial with the aim to establish a preliminary evaluation of safety. A first outline of the pharmacokinetic and, where possible, a pharmacodynamic profile of the compound.

Taking your preclinical program to the clinic is an important step and a lot depends on a reliable outcome.

Your trial is in the most critical phase of development and you are fully aware that you need an independent monitoring team with an eye for detail, to safeguard highest data quality control and safety of your compound.

Since 2004, Research Drive is a Clinical Research Organisation supporting clients for independent monitoring in clinical trials.

For more than 25 years, we have been building strong relationships with top clinical pharmacology units and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) European wide. These medical experts can assist with the development of your clinical protocol.

We have established seamless collaborations to ensure independent monitoring and efficient site management of your clinical trial.

We have experience with complex study designs including pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic trial designs in healthy subjects or patients.

Research Drive offers an Internal 3-month CRA traineeship.